Attic Fans to Reduce Cooling Bill Says Los Angeles Electrician

Get ready for a hot summer with the installation of an attic fan. Attic fans are an excellent addition to any home that has an attic or crawl space. These spaces are typically window free and almost completely sealed. In the hot weather, they are harbingers of the heat from the outside and the heat inside your home. As the heat rises in your home, it becomes trapped in the attic. The heat has nowhere to go because of the sealed environment. A Los Angeles electrician is here to explain to you how an attic fan can help keep your house a little cooler this summer, while saving you a little money on your cooling bill. You can call H Electric to learn more about attic fans.

An attic fan will need to be installed by an experienced electrician. Los Angeles homeowners will want an electrician who is capable of running the wiring needed to run the fan to the attic. In most cases, the fans are controlled by a thermostat and you won’t have to worry about crawling into the attic to turn it off or on.

The fan will pull the hot air out of the room and push it outside while pulling in the air from outside. The fans are best used when placed under an eave where there is some shade and the air is cooler. Even if it is 90 degrees outside, the air is likely going to be cooler outside than in the attic. With the hot air being removed from the attic, your home will start to feel cooler without your air conditioner working over time. When the hot air is trapped above the ceiling, it is difficult to ever really cool the home completely. If you would like to be cool this summer without paying a fortune, give H Electric a call today and schedule your attic fan installation.