Electrician Los Angeles – Why Choose Hardwired Smoke Detectors?

The smoke detector is one of the most important, but frequently overlooked home safety devices. This important safety element is engineered to detect smoke from fire in your home and alert you with a very high pitched alarm whenever smoke has been detected. If you are sleeping, a properly installed and working smoke detector can be the difference between life and death. By making sure that your smoke alarms are properly installed, maintained and placed in all of the right places in your home, you can improve your chances of avoiding this type of event.

Hardwired Smoke Detectors

The most common type of smoke detectors that people have in their homes are the inexpensive, battery powered smoke detector that you can easily find at almost any store. Slightly more advanced, hardwired smoke detectors offer several benefits over this type of smoke detector. Although a battery powered detector will still detect smoke and sound the alarm whenever it has been detected in or around that particular area, you receive more reliability and coverage with a hardwired smoke detection system. Another bonus is that you do not have to replace the batteries nearly as often. Whenever a hardwired system that has been installed by an electrician in Los Angeles detects smoke, it will trigger not only the alarm that detected the smoke, but all others in your home. Under normal conditions, these smoke alarms are powered by your electrical system. Whenever the power is lost, each detector has its own battery backup so that you can rest assured that you are always covered.

Regular maintenance is just as important as installation. At H Electric, it is our recommendation that you test your smoke detectors regularly, or about once a month. You should also replace the batteries according to the manufacturer’s instructions. With the installation and maintenance of your smoke detectors, you take a large step toward keeping your home and family safe.

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