Electrician in Los Angeles – Replacing an Electrical Service Panel

The Los Angeles area is experiencing a growth surge. However, unlike previous surges, more people are choosing to make old houses new again. Much of the time, these old houses need more than just a coat of paint or cosmetic repairs, they often need electrical repairs, such as replacing the electrical service panels. The service panel, or breaker box, distributes the power to each area of your home, essentially acting as a gatekeeper of power in the home.

It is important that the service panel is in good repair because it generally controls the full load of electricity in a home. Should there be a malfunction in this panel, it could cause major issues. Not only could it be a safety issue, a malfunctioning service panel is an annoyance too, keeping you from running the electronic equipment you need on a day to day basis. Another concern is that the older breaker panels, such as those installed in the 1970s and 80s, do not have the ability to manage and contain the large load of electricity used by households of today.

If you have recently moved to a new home and notice telltale signs like flickering lights, blown fuses,and  old 2-prong outlets you may wish to call an electrician Los Angeles and see if you need either a service panel repair or replacement. A skilled electrician in Los Angeles, like those from H Electric, can install a new service panel with high load-bearing capacity and specialized fittings.

If you want your older home to have the safety and power of a new home, installing a new service panel is a great first step. Call or contact H Electric today and let us work with you on this replacement job. You will appreciate the upgrade now and well into the future.

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