Los Angeles Electrician Builds Electric Butterfly

When I was visiting a friend in Los Angeles, I had an unusual dream. In the dream, I noticed a beautiful decorative buttery on the shelf in my friend’s living room. When I asked her about it, much to my surprise she told me that it was an electric butterfly. I was amazed, because I had never heard of such a thing. She showed me how it worked, and we laughed together as we watched it in flight. It had a remote control, so you could determine where it would fly and when and where it would land. It was so much fun!

I was sold – I knew I had to have one of these. I asked my friend where I could find one. She told me that her father’s friend builds them as a hobby, and that he is a Los Angeles electrician.

I wanted to know more about how these electric butterflies are constructed. She told me that the electrical contractor uses special tiny electrical tools and that the electrical wiring he uses are much smaller gauge electrical wiring than usual. She said it takes a skilled electrician to understand how to do all the intricate electric wiring that is involved. Each electric butterfly is custom made. You can even add features such as blinking lights.

I was very impressed, so I asked her for the builder’s contact information and she gave me his electrical contracting business card. I was happy that he was a local electrician in Los Angeles CA since that meant I could be directly involved in the customization of my electric butterfly. I could also learn all about the electrical construction process of my butterfly. Also, I knew that if my electric butterfly ever needed any electrical repairs or any type of electrical maintenance, I could depend on the Los Angeles electrician to take care of any electrical issues that might come up.

I arranged a meeting with the electrical contractor, and he immediately drove up to my friend’s house in his van. The van had his company name, something like H Electric, in bright lettering all over it — from top to bottom. He was a very friendly electrician, and when he opened up the back door of his van I was completely impressed with how fully equipped it was. He had all types of electrical supplies and electrical repair parts. There was everything you could imagine — electrical tools, electrical wiring and conduit, smoke detectors, door bells, recessed lighting and fluorescent lighting supplies, electrical panels, subpanels, bath fans, and attic fans. There was even a big box with a brand new ceiling fan in it. I knew right away that any electrical contractor who was this prepared must know exactly what he was doing, so I felt reassured that I was going to have the best electric butterfly in town.

I probably had this dream because I’m just about to start renovating a house I own in Los Angeles. It’s going to need extensive electrical rewiring and some other electrical work in order to meet all of the new Los Angeles electrical code requirements, so I guess I was already unconsciously thinking about how I was going to start my electrician Los Angeles CA Internet search.

Since there are plenty of electricians in Los Angeles, I’m sure I’ll be able to locate a good one for my home construction project, but no matter how hard I look I’m not so sure I’ll be able to locate an electrician in Los Angeles who can build me an electric butterfly!


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