Los Angeles Electrician – Why Are Electrical Inspections So Important?

There was recently a fire that took hold of a commercial area, leaving three buildings destroyed and devastation to the area both in the form of physical property and intangible assets of each of these businesses.

Fire inspectors did an investigation immediately following the fire, finding that one of the kitchens had a small appliance in the back kitchen that started the fire. Not only did the business that had the faulty appliance lose everything, but also the two businesses right next door. Furthermore, several dozen nearby residents were temporarily displaced as well.

This massive fire took ten fire engines and more than 60 firefighters several hours to control. These buildings, which were all constructed in the early 1900s, had no firewalls between them. This allowed the fire to grow quickly, passing from building to building causing millions of dollars in damage.

In addition to not having firewalls between the buildings, many of these buildings were not up to current electrical standards. Because they were built in the early 1900s, they were not subject to the stringent electrical safety codes that new buildings must follow today. The owners of each building had not worked with an electrician in Los Angeles to ensure that the electrical systems were safe. Had they  done this, this situation may have never happened.

Though you may not spend much time thinking about the inner workings of your electrical system, it is very important to have periodic electrical system inspections. This can help identify small problems before they turn into large problems. It is much better to fix a few loose wires, or outdated technologies, than to have to deal with the total devastation caused by an electrical fire. To schedule your electrical safety assessment today, give us a call at H Electric. You can also get in touch with us through our main website at www.electricianlosangeles.com.

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