Electrician In Los Angeles – Backup Power Generator Installations

While the Los Angeles area doesn’t get a lot of the extreme weather that is prevalent in many other parts of the country, summer heat, thunderstorms and those Santa Ana Winds can be the source of brownouts and power outages. Power outages that last an hour or two may not be a big deal for most, but prolonged blackouts can be quite troublesome, especially for people who must use specialized medical equipment. And, as our electrical grid ages and power demand continues to increase, the risk for such outages is rising. For this reason, many homeowners are asking their Los Angeles electrician to install backup generators.

During times of peak power usage, such as the height of the summer cooling season, there’s always a possibility that brownouts could occur in the LA basin. During a brownout, voltage transmitted through the power grid is decreased. This can cause lights to dim and can damage certain household items. Appliances with compressors, such as air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers can malfunction during brownout conditions, causing damage or failure. Medical equipment can also be adversely affected by fluctuations in voltage levels, as can sensitive electronic equipment. With a backup generator installed by an experienced electrician, home owners can have a steady source of power during brownout conditions.

Power outages that last more than a few hours can get expensive, as refrigerated and frozen foods are lost. People with breathing difficulties can get in trouble quickly without power to run air conditioning or oxygen machines. Parents of newborns with health issues often rely on electronic monitors to alert them to breathing or heart rate changes. An electrical contractor can install a backup power system that switches on automatically when the grid goes down, a necessary precaution for people who cannot do without power for medical reasons.

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