Searching for: Electrician Los Angeles – Down to the Minute Electrical for Baby’s Nursery

My husband and I moved into our new — well, new to us, not literally new — Los Angeles home right before our first baby was born. We came from the east coast and although it was a bad time to move, we had to because of his job. Getting settled into the house and setting up the nursery in time was going to be tight, but thanks to H Electric — a licensed and bonded electrician in Los Angeles CA, everything got done on time.

The set up of the house really wasn’t ideal for me, and it was an older house. But, we really didn’t have the time to invest in finding just the right place, not with having to get settled so that my husband could get right into the flow at work and fully prepared before the baby came. So we took the house, despite my worries about an older electrical system and the way the bedrooms were set up. Some serious electrical work had to be done by a competent Los Angeles electrician before I’d feel safe about having the baby in a separate room.

We started asking around about a reputable Los Angeles electrician right away. Our realtor suggested H Electric, saying that a lot of her clients had been very happy with the quality of their home rewiring work and custom lighting projects. My husband said he’d heard about this company at work because H Electric did a lot of commercial electrical work for his company over the years. He was surprised to find out they did residential electrical work as well as pleased, because he was so confident that H Electric was a Los Angeles electrician we could trust.

The H Electric Los Angeles electrician was wonderful to work with, very helpful and very patient. I was nervous about the electrical system right from the start, because a couple of the outlets had scorch marks. They were light, but they were there. And, the lights flickered when our refrigerator kicked on. My clothes drier didn’t seem to work as well as it should, either. There were a lot of little things that made me worry, because you hear so often about house fires starting from electrical safety problems.

During our initial telephone consultation, after hearing about my concerns with the electrical system, our Los Angeles electrician suggested that I visit the H Electric’s website and read the free help section with information about electrical safety. I found useful information there that made me feel more comfortable. During our conversation, I learned about their affordable home electrical safety assessments, and we decided that should be the first step, with special attention to be given to the nursery area.

We ended up saving a lot of money by using H Electric. It turned out that instead of needing a full home rewire, we only needed some new electrical circuits and a partial rewiring. Our H Electric electrician in Los Angeles showed us exactly what needed to be done, and he didn’t try to up-sell us. He showed us which parts of the electrical system were newer and in fine condition and which parts were older and needed some new electrical rewiring.

H Electric also had some great ideas about custom lighting for the nursery, which was a big relief. However, while that was nice, the suggestion H Electric made about having hardwired smoke detectors installed into the electrical system of the house really gave me peace of mind. Our Los Angeles electrician said we should keep a battery operated one in the nursery just in case of a city wide power loss, and told me his wife also kept a carbon monoxide detector in each of their children’s rooms.

All the work our Los Angeles electrician did for us came with a lifetime guarantee, one we could believe in because H Electric has been serving this area for so many years, plus they have a excellent review on the Internet. We’ve really been happy with our H Electric experience, and this electrician in Los Angeles is absolutely going to be our choice in the future.

Top 10 Tips for Choosing & Hiring A Reliable Los Angeles Electrician

Time is money, and when it comes to your needs for top-of-the line electrical work in Los Angeles, CA, your time and money are extremely precious. H Electric is well aware of this. We’re your local high-quality electrical service provider, and we’re here to help you recognize the top ten tips to think about prior to hiring a reliable Los Angeles electrician. Before you make any hiring decisions for residential or commercial electrical services, make sure you go over this checklist.

1)    Follow The Golden Rule of Three: Licensed, Bonded, and Insured – If your California-based electrical contractor is not licensed, bonded, and insured, “do not pass go!” Make sure you verify credentials. Electrical service providers carrying proper liability insurance (as well as workers’ comp for their in-house contractors) will be fully covered should anyone happen to be hurt on the job. This should not be your responsibility, and any electrician in Los Angeles worth their salt knows this.

2)    Don’t Fly Blind: Make Sure You Know What You Need – As you’re consulting with your electrician in Los Angeles, CA, tell him exactly what you need done. Some companies may or many not handle certain kinds of work or specifications. Also, you need to make sure they don’t tack on any needless expenses or services that have little to do with the actual things you need assistance with.

3)    Reputation Is Everything: Don’t Just Take Their Word For It – Do your research. Make sure your Los Angeles electrician’s service is up to par, has a BBB rating on file, and is registered with the proper associations (such as or a similar organizations that set standards for electrical service professionals. Check out sites like Yelp as well as their own website, and ask for names and testimonials regarding the quality of their work if none is readily available.  Don’t just read about their credentials, verify that their contractor’s license is current.

4)    Good Los Angeles CA Electricians Put It All In Writing – No matter what, get everything in writing, whether it’s a quote, policy, or estimate. It’s worth the extra time and it’s worth your making this crucial request.

5)    Leave Your Own Paper Trail – Putting things in writing is not just something the electrician should do. You should do it, too. Pay your electrical contractor with a check or a credit card so that you have a paper record of the sale and scope of work. You can add detailed memos and notes in the memo fields as well. No cash-only payments, verbal agreements, or handshake deals allowed.

6)    Be Realistic – Your Los Angeles electrician and electrical contracting professional (be it for residential, commercial, or a combination of electrical service work) should be properly trained, with experience to boot. Don’t cut corners by trying to buy your own electrical supplies or doing a portion of the prep work or electrical repairs yourself. Should your electrical contractor discover you’re doing so, you may be the one making another trip to the hardware store, not him. You may not be aware of the full scope of electrical repair work that needs to be done or electrical supplies that need to be purchased.  Let the electrician buy the electrical materials, and try not to skimp too much on electrical service fees. Often, you truly do get what you’re paying for. Focus on quality first.

7)    Get Your Money Right, Straight from the Get-Go – Before you agree to or sign anything, ask: is it by hourly rate or per job? What is the exact hourly rate? Is a deposit required? That way, there will be no surprises. Any Los Angeles electrician with integrity will gladly answer any and all questions and address all concerns that you may have.

8)    Keep It Local – Make sure your trusted electrical provider is local to you. Should any electrical questions or follow-up needs arise, a short drive across town to resolve things right away is always best.

9)    Get A Guarantee – Make sure they guarantee their electrical work: no ifs, ands, or buts. Get that guarantee in writing.

10) Trust Your Gut – At the end of the day, trust your gut. How is your electrician in Los Angeles CA dressed? Does he speak with you respectfully without skirting around any issues? Is his truck or van clean and tidy? Does he answer the phone professionally? How he carries himself around you will always reflect in his work ethic, and the electrical services provided.

If your trusted electrician in Los Angeles CA does business appropriately, they’ll meet all the criteria on this checklist and then some. Call or visit us at H Electric Los Angeles CA for more tips to use when consulting with electrical service professionals.