Pole Buildings More Effective with Electrician in Los Angeles

Having a new shop built or a new pole building is an excellent way to add value to your home. You can eliminate the need for a storage unit and keep all your things within a few feet of your home. It is convenient and a smart investment. Maybe you are a hobbyist who needs a little room to do what you love and have decided to have a building put up that will give you all the space you need. Whatever the case may be, your building is not complete without the help of an electrician in Los Angeles. You will find a team of professional and knowledgeable electricians at H Electric who are able to help you make your new building complete.

You will need electricity in your shop. No matter if your hobby requires you to use electric tools or it is all done by hand, you need electricity to be able to see. Depending on the size of your shop and your electrical needs, you may need an additional electric panel dedicated to your shop. This is something an electrician will evaluate during an initial consultation. A dedicated panel or a sub-panel gives you plenty of electricity in the building without worrying about overloading your existing panel and causing breakers to trip. It is dangerous to overload an existing breaker or panel and can result in serious problems.

Because there is a lot of intricate electric work involved, it is imperative you leave the wiring of you new shop to somebody who is familiar with Los Angeles electrical codes. This ensures your shop is wired safely and you will not have to worry about running extension cords to your equipment. In many cases, extension cords are not recommended for certain power tools. Do what is necessary to make your new pole building complete. Call H Electric and schedule your consultation today.

Memorable Summer Nights Possible with Electrician in Los Angeles

Summer nights are here and it is time to create another summer full of memories that you will cherish forever with friends, neighbors and family. The nights are a perfect time to enjoy the cooler summer weather with the people you enjoy the most. While enjoying a backyard barbecue or stargazing, you want to be able to see what you are doing. Walking around a dark yard is an accident waiting to happen. An electrician in Los Angeles is here to explain the difference between solar and electric landscape lights. At H Electric, we pride ourselves on high quality work that will leave you satisfied.

Solar lights are great for placing some quick light around your yard. They are easy to install and can be placed along your sidewalks and around your deck. However, they cannot be placed in areas where there is a great deal of shade without interfering with their ability to properly light up. Solar lights need at least 8 hours of direct sunlight every day to recharge. Without adequate sunlight, the lights will fail to stay lit throughout out the evening.

Electric lights require a little more work up front, but they are much more reliable and tend to be brighter than their solar counterparts. The lights can be placed in shaded areas without worrying they won’t get enough sunlight to work. You will need to have an electrician familiar with Los Angeles electrical intricacies complete the electric light installation. Your electrician will wire the set of lights directly into your home’s electric panel. You can opt to have the electrician install a timer that will control when the lights turn off or on or you can have a standard light switch installed that gives you complete control of turning the lights off and on. Give H Electric a call today and schedule your outdoor lighting installation.

New Construction Requires Qualified Electrician in Los Angeles

Living in Los Angeles is often a dream for many people. The gorgeous weather year round, the nearby beaches and the star sightings make LA one of the most desirable places to live. Land is at a premium in the area, but if you have been lucky enough to find the perfect piece of property, you will want the perfect home to sit atop that property. Your dreams of living in the Los Angeles area won’t be complete without your dream home. You need an electrician in Los Angeles, like those at H Electric, to help your dream become a reality you can actually enjoy.

When you choose to build your home from the ground up with a professional contractor, you will get a say in every facet of the construction process. It is an exciting journey you will want to cherish. Sure, there will be a few headaches, but those are minor bumps in the road. You can help eliminate some of the headaches home construction brings on by choosing your crew wisely. You need to hire a team who will listen to your wants and needs. One member of your team you will want to choose carefully is a person who is familiar with Los Angeles electrical codes.

Part of your interaction with an electrician will include deciding the number of outlets you want in a room and where you want them. This may sound like a silly matter, but when you go to plug in your wall-mounted flat screen and the cord doesn’t quite reach, you will realize how important this little detail is. There are other details like light fixtures, dimmer switches and data lines that are all part of the new construction process that will require an electrician. If you are planning your new home, give H Electric a call today and schedule your consultation.

Level II Electric Car Chargers Save Money Says Electrician in Los Angeles

This spring, you are probably planning a lovely summer vacation. Vacations take money, which means you will need to start setting some aside in order to fully enjoy yourself. Now is the time to take a look at your budget and figure out where you can save a few extra dollars. If you have an electric car, you probably bought the car with the goal of saving money on your gas bill every week. And then you realized that the cost savings isn’t quite as much as you thought it would be because your car isn’t fully charge and you are forced to rely on gasoline. This is likely due to the fact you have a trickle charger or what is often referred to as a Level 1 charging station. If you want to make your car work better for you, you need an electrician in Los Angeles. At H Electric, you will find a team of professionals who can take care of any electrical job you have quickly and professionally.

You can invest in a Level II charging station if you are keen to make your electric car a little more economical. If you have discovered your commute is using up the life of the battery in your car on day 1 of your weekly commute, you could benefit from a Level II station. A Level 1 battery charging station typically takes about 24 hours to fully charge the battery in your car. It isn’t likely you have a full 24 hours off between shifts, which means your car isn’t getting charged. However, the faster charging station will charge your car in about 8 hours.

An electrician will need to take care of the Los Angeles electrical needs by installing a 240-volt outlet for you to plug the Level II station into. This is not a typical outlet and most garages don’t already have on available. If you would like to start making your electric car a little more economical, give H Electric a call today.

Brisk Winter Evenings Brought to Light by Electrician in Los Angeles

We made it through the worst of winter (hopefully) and are ready to get back to enjoying the spring and summer sun that is so prevalent in southern California. After a brief cold spell, it is only right you would want to get outside and soak up some vitamin C or maybe use that hot tub at night after a long day of work. Evening gatherings in the brisk winter air are also invigorating, but in order to do so, you will need some light. The days are still pretty short, but an electrician in Los Angeles can help you light up your patio or landscaping for some outdoor entertaining. You can count on the staff at H Electric to meet your electric needs in a timely, professional manner.

Don’t put off getting your outdoor lights up and running until spring. You can enjoy your yard in the winter as well with a little additional lighting. During these shorter days, electric lights tend to work better because they don’t rely on the sun to be charged. If you are concerned about adding more dollars to your electric bill, you can opt for outdoor lights that use LED technology. It is truly amazing how bright these tiny little lights are and they only use a fraction of the electricity.

An electrician will need to complete the wiring portion of the lights. The lights are wired directly into your home’s power, which requires knowledge of the Los Angeles electrical codes. Not to mention, handling electricity without a good understanding could be dangerous. You will have the freedom to choose where you want the lights to be placed. If more wiring is needed to accommodate your wishes, the electrician will take care of it. Get your home and landscaping ready for spring by taking care of your outdoor lighting needs today. Give H Electric a call to schedule your appointment.

Holiday Lighting Safety Tips by Electrician in Los Angeles

The holidays are upon us and you are probably untangling those strands of lights that seem to become one giant tangled mess every year no matter how carefully you store them. As you untangle lights and check for burned out bulbs, an electrician in Los Angeles has a few more tips for you before you get started decorating. The holidays are notorious for home fires and sadly, all the work we put into making our homes festive can be dangerous if not done right. Your friends at H Electric want you to be safe this season and are here to help if you have any more questions or concerns about holiday decorating.

*If you are traditional and prefer a real tree, make sure it is kept watered. Dry needles and warm lights are a recipe for disaster. Experts recommend real trees not be kept in the home for more than 2 weeks.

*Keep the tree at least 3 feet from any sources of heat. This includes heater vents. The heat will dry out the tree much quicker and make it a fire hazard.

*Only use lights that have the label indicating they have been tested by an independent testing laboratory. Read the box or label and follow the guidelines on where the lights should be placed whether they are designed for indoor or outdoor use.

*Do not connect more than 3 strands of lights. If your Los Angeles electrical needs require more outlets, give your electrician a call. Additional outlets can be added inside and outside if your electric panel will support it. If not, you can certainly ask for an electric panel upgrade.

*Avoid overloading extension cords. Do not use indoor only extension cords outside.

*Make sure each of your smoke alarms are working correctly and have fresh batteries.

If you would like more information or would like additional outlets, give H Electric a call today.

Need More Outlets? Not a Problem Says Electrician in Los Angeles

There are plenty of little things you can do around your house to make it a little safer and just a little bit better. Hiring an electrician in Los Angeles to take care of a few small jobs is a major step forward to improving the safety of your home as well as making things just a little easier for you. You don’t often stop to think about the outlet your plugging your hairdryer into or how nice it would be to have your coffee pot on the other side of the counter. However, when you do think about these things, give H Electric a call and ask an electrician to come out and make your life run a little smoother.

There are several electrical upgrades you can ask to have done around the house. Installing an additional outlet in the kitchen or turning a two-prong outlet into a three-prong outlet can make a huge difference. Older homes are prone to have limited outlets available in the kitchen and bathrooms. And nowadays, everything requires electricity, even our toothbrushes. It is a royal pain to unplug this to plug in that and to have to arrange your counters based on the available outlets. The newer outlets, referred to as GFI outlets, are safer to use in the kitchen and bathroom areas anyways. They reduce the risk of electrical shock in areas where water is present.

Let an electrician familiar with Los Angeles electrical code take care of this for you. Another job for your electrician is to exchange your current light switch in the dining room for a dimmer switch. It is not always convenient to be forced to choose between no light and too much light. A dimmer switch gives you the freedom to choose a little or a lot. Give H Electric a call today and schedule an appointment to make your life a little easier.

Signs You Need an Electrician in Los Angeles

Do you need an electrician or is your problem something you can handle or maybe it will go away on its own. The easiest answer is this; anything having to do with electrical should always be dealt with by an experienced and licensed electrician. You never know what kind of problems you are going to run into and it you certainly don’t want to be messing around with electricity if you don’t know what you are doing. All Los Angeles electrical work is best left to the professionals like the ones at H Electric.

A breaker that seems to trip pretty often for no apparent reason, is a sign of trouble. It could be something as simple as the circuit being overloaded with too many items plugged in or it could be a weak breaker that needs to be replaced. Any breaker that trips more than a couple of times should be investigated by an electrician in Los Angeles.

Lights that don’t work even with a new light bulb are also something that should be looked at by an electrician. The fixture could be bad, which is enough to replace or you could be dealing with loose or faulty wiring. The latter two are fires waiting to happen. This is something that needs to be taken care of immediately.

Outlets that are dead or have any black streak marks around them will also need an electrician’s expertise to diagnose the problem. Again, loose wiring is a likely culprit. Another possibility is the wires have frayed over time or have been chewed by rodents leaving bare wires waiting to spark a fire. An electrician can replace the outlet and take care of any wiring hazards.

Do not delay when it comes to getting electrical problems take care. These are all signs of something bigger. Give H Electric a call today.