Level II Electric Car Chargers Require Electrician Los Angeles Residents Can Trust

Have you discovered that lovely new environmentally friendly electric car has not turned out to be quite as economical as you planned? The problem is not the car but is more likely the charging process. If you are a person who is constantly on the go, you have probably discovered it is tough to get a full charge. This is probably due to using a slow charging system or what is referred to as a Level I charger. These chargers are less expensive than their faster counterparts and are often preferable because they can be plugged in virtually anywhere. The faster chargers require an electrician. Los Angeles homeowners who opt for the Level II chargers will need to have a special outlet installed for the charger to plug into. H Electric can take care of this for you.

The difference between the two chargers from an electrical standpoint is the outlet. The slow chargers only require 120-volts or basically any plug-in in the garage or carport. However, it will need to be the only device plugged into that particular outlet. The fast chargers require a 240-volt outlet. This is an outlet that will need to be installed by your electrician. Los Angeles homeowners will need to make sure the electric panel can support the additional outlet. These are the same kind of outlets that your air conditioner, hot tub or dryer would use.

One of the benefits to the more expensive chargers is the speed in which the car is fully charged. It takes about 8 hours versus the slower, less expensive chargers that can take up to 24 hours. It is certainly an investment up front, but it may be something you need to consider if you find yourself constantly on the go and unable to get a full charge on your electric car. If you would like to learn more about this, give H Electric a call today.

Phantom Power Explained by Electrician in Los Angeles

Phantom power is a phenomenon that you may or may not have heard about. It is the term used to describe the power that is drawn from the main power supply in your home and used for nothing. Things like appliances that are plugged in and not in use, cell phone chargers that are plugged in and not being used and other electronic devices that we leave plugged in and ready for when we want to use them. An electrician in Los Angeles explains this as phantom power that is adding dollars to your electric bill. H Electric has been helping customers in the area for years and can offer you some words of wisdom.

Reducing the amount of phantom electricity wasted in your house is one of the simplest ways to start chipping away at that electric bill. By unplugging those unused chargers you will be making a big first step. We never realize how many we have until we start unplugging. Laptop chargers, tablet chargers, and phone chargers may not draw a lot, but it adds up, especially if there are several throughout the house.

It may not always be convenient to unplug your computer, printer and other components one by one. However, using a power strip makes it easy to switch off the entire group of electronics. This is also a great practice for your entertainment systems. Using energy efficient appliances will help reduce the amount of phantom power you are using. Another option is to have a timer installed by an electrician. Los Angeles residents can have timers installed on outside lights to help reduce the amount of time lights are on when not needed. If you would like to learn about more ways to reduce the amount of electricity you are using, call H Electric today and schedule an energy inspection.

Reduce Power Bills—Tips Provided by Electrician Los Angeles Homeowners Trust

Summer is coming to a close and we must start to think about winter and what that means for our electricity usage. Despite all the science and plain old guessing, we never know what Mother Nature has in store. It is always better to be safe than sorry and learning how to reduce the energy we use on things we could do without can go a long way to keeping us warm this winter. The following are a few tips on how you can reduce your electricity bill provided by your electrician. Los Angeles residents have been relying on H Electric for years and you will appreciate their knowledge and expertise.

*Have your furnace checked before winter sets in to ensure it is in good working condition. A furnace that isn’t working properly can cost you additional money on your electric bill.

*Have a ceiling fan installed by an electrician. Los Angeles residents can use a ceiling fan to help push the warm air down in the sitting areas. This will help a warm feel warmer and take some of the work off the furnace.

*Keep your windows and doors closed to keep out the cold air. Use heavy curtains to block the cold air from seeping in through the windows. Ensure your windows and doors have a good seal.

*Make it a habit to unplug any electrical equipment you are not using. Toasters, cell phone chargers, televisions and anything else you don’t use all the time. When you are at work or out and about during the day, unplug your smaller electric appliances. Even when these are not in use, they pull phantom energy.

These are just a few things you can start doing now to give yourself every advantage when it comes to reducing your average electric bill. You can find out more by calling H Electric today.

Power Outage Tips by Electrician in Los Angeles

When the power goes out, it can create some panic initially. In most cases, the power outage is short-lived, but there are some things you need to do while you wait for the power company to restore the electricity. If you have a standby generator, there is nothing you need to worry about—you are covered. If you would like to learn more about standby generators, give H Electric a call.

If you don’t have a generator, you need to know what to do when the power is out. Your electrician in Los Angeles has a list of things you will need to do.

1-Unplug your computers, televisions, and other electrical equipment. This will prevent the equipment from being damaged when the power surges back on.

2-Turn off all light switches. This will reduce the risk of a power surge when the power comes back on. You can leave one switch on if you want to be alerted to the return of the power.

3-Leave your refrigerator and freezer doors closed. You can preserve the food in the refrigerator for several hours by leaving the door closed. The food in the freezer can keep up to 24 hours.

4-If it is not excessively hot outside, open your windows and doors to allow for air circulation. If the weather is not favorable for open doors and windows, close the blinds and curtains to block the sun. If it is cold outside, shut the doors to rooms extra rooms and keep everybody in one room to preserve body heat. Wear additional layers of clothing to stay warm.

5-If you have a cell phone, call the electric company’s hotline to find out how long the power will be out. In most cases, they will already be aware of an outage.

If you would like more information, call your electrician. Los Angeles residents can call H Electric for more information.

Electric Car Charging Stations—Electrician Los Angeles Residents Trust Explains the Differences

You have made a big step in purchasing an electric car and are probably loving how much money you are saving on gas every month. Thankfully, Los Angeles is doing what is can to promote cleaner fuel and has established several electric car charging stations. However, this is not always convenient for you and can sometimes be more hassle than what it is worth to try and find an available station that is close to where you work or plan on spending several hours. For this reason, you need the services of an electrician. Los Angeles residents can call H Electric to discuss what it will take to have your own electric car charging station at your home.

First, you will need to purchase a charging station. When you purchased your car, you probably were offered the option of a Level 1 or Level 2 station. The first is much cheaper and probably seemed like a good idea at the time. If you do not do a lot of driving, this station is perfect for you. You can typically plug these in anywhere in your garage. However, the charging station should be the only thing plugged into an outlet. If this is not possible with your current setup, this can be remedied with the help of an electrician. Los Angeles homeowners likely have other uses for the one or two garage outlets and will not want to give it up. You electrician can install additional outlets for you.

For the Level 2 chargers, you will need a 240-volt outlet. This is the kind you would normally have for you air conditioner or hot tub. It is not a standard fixture in most garages or carports and would need to be added. This is something you can certainly call H Electric to take care of for you. Give us a call today and we can set up an appointment.

Outdoor Ceiling Fan for Summer Months Says Electrician in Los Angeles

When we think of ceiling fans, it is normal to assume that fan would be placed indoors. Fans have become a staple in many homes because of their energy-saving ways of keeping an area cool in the summer and rotating the warm air during the colder months. What you may not know is ceiling fans are also great when placed outdoors.

Fans placed over a patio table or above a deck are ideal for summer months when there is no breeze to cool you from the heat of the sun. These fans are excellent additions to any patio, porch or deck and can make the outdoors more tolerable while you enjoy some fresh air. You will need to hire an electrician in Los Angeles to install one of these fans for you. H Electric has the professional staff you will want and can help you make your outdoor living space cool and inviting.

Just like indoor ceiling fans, there is a large variety of outdoor fans to choose from. You can choose to have one fan or several, depending on the size of your outdoor space. Before you make a decision about the fan you like the most, you will need to consider where it will be placed. There are two main types of fans; wet fans and damp fans.

A wet fan will be required if the ceiling fan will be placed in an area where it will not be protected from the rain. This type of fan has electrical components that are encased in a box that prevents the rain and moisture from seeping in and shorting it out.

A damp fan is still encased, but it is only designed to withstand minimal moisture. This is the fan you would use in a covered patio or deck space. If you are unsure about what fan would be best for you, talk to your electrician. Los Angeles residents can rely on H Electric for solid advice and professional installation. Give us a call today.

3 Reasons You Need a Generator by Los Angeles Electrician

Mother Nature’s wrath in the form of storms can wreak havoc on a community, especially those that pack a lot of wind, lightning and torrential rain. It is not uncommon for the flow of electricity to be interrupted when power lines are knocked down during one of these wild storms. When that happens, it can take hours, days or sometimes weeks to repair the lines and restore power to people’s homes and businesses. H Electric offers a way to prevent your life and livelihood from being interrupted during a power outage. Consider installing a generator. Check out the 3 good reasons why you need a generator provided by a Los Angeles electrician.

1-Safety is a major factor to consider during a power outage. Dark areas are havens for predators. Keep your home and business in the light with a backup generator. Security systems will also be maintained. Homes or offices that are dark can be difficult to navigate and become tripping hazards.

2-Convenience is definitely a motivating factor. You probably don’t realize how much you rely on electricity until you try and charge your phone, get a cold glass of water from the fridge or try and nuke a quick meal. Nearly everything in our life involves electricity in some way.

3-Money lost when a business is unable to operate can be devastating. Don’t risk losing revenue because the power is out. Your customers need you as much as you need them.

If you would like to learn more about how an electrician in Los Angeles can help you avoid these scenarios, give H Electric a call today. You can discuss the numerous options you have when it comes to choosing the right generator for your needs. Once you decide on what you need, your friendly electrician will install it for you and you can rest easy the next time a storm warning is issued.

Cure Home Interior Doldrums with New Interior Lighting by Electrician in Los Angeles

After living in the same home for several years, things can seem a little dull. It doesn’t make sense to move every time your home interior gets a little stale and complete remodels are costly and not exactly an option for every homeowner. If you are feeling a little bored with your home’s interior, but are not anxious to do any painting or to go out and buy new furniture, you have another, much more cost-effective option. In fact, it could actually save you money. What is this miracle cure for the interior doldrums? Updated interior lighting!

Your electrician in Los Angeles can help turn your dim kitchen or that boring old chandelier in the dining room into a beautiful focal point. You would be amazed at how much difference a single light fixture can make. H Electric has experienced professionals who have helped other homeowners revamp their homes and would love to help you do the same.

Adding some bright LED under-the-counter lighting in the kitchen is one option. This makes food prep a lot safer as well. Track lighting is another option many homeowners choose to help direct light where it is needed in the kitchen. In the living room, wall sconces add a nice touch and don’t take up any precious space in the room. Dark hallways and bathrooms can benefit from recessed lighting.

Updated fixtures tend to be more energy efficient as well. That small investment you will pay up front for the lighting fixtures will pay off over time as you save money on your electric bill. If you are interested in learning more about what new light fixtures can do for you, call your electrician. Los Angeles residents and rely on  H Electric. We would love to help you transform your boring home into a space you can love and be proud of.

Celebrate Summer with New Outdoor Lighting by Electrician Los Angeles Yard Owners Need

After a soggy winter, you are probably chomping at the bit to get outside and enjoy the patio furniture that has been packed away for months. Maybe you are planning a weekend barbecue with plans to celebrate the arrival of the warmer months well after the sun goes down. Look around your patio. What critical element are you missing? Outdoor lighting!

You do not want to try grilling your favorite cut of meat in the dark and you certainly don’t want to have to feel around to find your guests. You need an electrician. Los Angeles electricians are ready and willing to help you create the perfect outdoor atmosphere for your private gatherings.

Whether you want bright light or a soft, romantic glow, the folks at H Electric can make it happen for you. Outdoor lighting schemes are typically designed to highlight certain parts of your landscaping as well as provide an outdoor living space that is safe to navigate. Guests who are visiting may not realize how many steps your deck has and could take a tumble in the dark. Protect your guests by having proper lighting installed by an electrician. Los Angeles homeowners literally have hundreds of options when it comes to choosing the perfect outdoor lights for their needs.

Once you have picked your lighting scheme, you will need to have it professionally installed to ensure it is done the right way. Depending on the number of lights you will be using, you will likely need an additional breaker installed to support the lights. Lights can be hard-wired into an outlet so you never have to worry about them getting unplugged. Your electrician can install a timer for you so the lights automatically turn off and on at designated times. There are override switches you can use for those special occasions that H Electric would be happy to show you how to use.

Los Angeles Electrician – Why Are Electrical Inspections So Important?

There was recently a fire that took hold of a commercial area, leaving three buildings destroyed and devastation to the area both in the form of physical property and intangible assets of each of these businesses.

Fire inspectors did an investigation immediately following the fire, finding that one of the kitchens had a small appliance in the back kitchen that started the fire. Not only did the business that had the faulty appliance lose everything, but also the two businesses right next door. Furthermore, several dozen nearby residents were temporarily displaced as well.

This massive fire took ten fire engines and more than 60 firefighters several hours to control. These buildings, which were all constructed in the early 1900s, had no firewalls between them. This allowed the fire to grow quickly, passing from building to building causing millions of dollars in damage.

In addition to not having firewalls between the buildings, many of these buildings were not up to current electrical standards. Because they were built in the early 1900s, they were not subject to the stringent electrical safety codes that new buildings must follow today. The owners of each building had not worked with an electrician in Los Angeles to ensure that the electrical systems were safe. Had they  done this, this situation may have never happened.

Though you may not spend much time thinking about the inner workings of your electrical system, it is very important to have periodic electrical system inspections. This can help identify small problems before they turn into large problems. It is much better to fix a few loose wires, or outdated technologies, than to have to deal with the total devastation caused by an electrical fire. To schedule your electrical safety assessment today, give us a call at H Electric. You can also get in touch with us through our main website at www.electricianlosangeles.com.