Memorable Summer Nights Possible with Electrician in Los Angeles

Summer nights are here and it is time to create another summer full of memories that you will cherish forever with friends, neighbors and family. The nights are a perfect time to enjoy the cooler summer weather with the people you enjoy the most. While enjoying a backyard barbecue or stargazing, you want to be able to see what you are doing. Walking around a dark yard is an accident waiting to happen. An electrician in Los Angeles is here to explain the difference between solar and electric landscape lights. At H Electric, we pride ourselves on high quality work that will leave you satisfied.

Solar lights are great for placing some quick light around your yard. They are easy to install and can be placed along your sidewalks and around your deck. However, they cannot be placed in areas where there is a great deal of shade without interfering with their ability to properly light up. Solar lights need at least 8 hours of direct sunlight every day to recharge. Without adequate sunlight, the lights will fail to stay lit throughout out the evening.

Electric lights require a little more work up front, but they are much more reliable and tend to be brighter than their solar counterparts. The lights can be placed in shaded areas without worrying they won’t get enough sunlight to work. You will need to have an electrician familiar with Los Angeles electrical intricacies complete the electric light installation. Your electrician will wire the set of lights directly into your home’s electric panel. You can opt to have the electrician install a timer that will control when the lights turn off or on or you can have a standard light switch installed that gives you complete control of turning the lights off and on. Give H Electric a call today and schedule your outdoor lighting installation.

Brisk Winter Evenings Brought to Light by Electrician in Los Angeles

We made it through the worst of winter (hopefully) and are ready to get back to enjoying the spring and summer sun that is so prevalent in southern California. After a brief cold spell, it is only right you would want to get outside and soak up some vitamin C or maybe use that hot tub at night after a long day of work. Evening gatherings in the brisk winter air are also invigorating, but in order to do so, you will need some light. The days are still pretty short, but an electrician in Los Angeles can help you light up your patio or landscaping for some outdoor entertaining. You can count on the staff at H Electric to meet your electric needs in a timely, professional manner.

Don’t put off getting your outdoor lights up and running until spring. You can enjoy your yard in the winter as well with a little additional lighting. During these shorter days, electric lights tend to work better because they don’t rely on the sun to be charged. If you are concerned about adding more dollars to your electric bill, you can opt for outdoor lights that use LED technology. It is truly amazing how bright these tiny little lights are and they only use a fraction of the electricity.

An electrician will need to complete the wiring portion of the lights. The lights are wired directly into your home’s power, which requires knowledge of the Los Angeles electrical codes. Not to mention, handling electricity without a good understanding could be dangerous. You will have the freedom to choose where you want the lights to be placed. If more wiring is needed to accommodate your wishes, the electrician will take care of it. Get your home and landscaping ready for spring by taking care of your outdoor lighting needs today. Give H Electric a call to schedule your appointment.

Celebrate Summer with New Outdoor Lighting by Electrician Los Angeles Yard Owners Need

After a soggy winter, you are probably chomping at the bit to get outside and enjoy the patio furniture that has been packed away for months. Maybe you are planning a weekend barbecue with plans to celebrate the arrival of the warmer months well after the sun goes down. Look around your patio. What critical element are you missing? Outdoor lighting!

You do not want to try grilling your favorite cut of meat in the dark and you certainly don’t want to have to feel around to find your guests. You need an electrician. Los Angeles electricians are ready and willing to help you create the perfect outdoor atmosphere for your private gatherings.

Whether you want bright light or a soft, romantic glow, the folks at H Electric can make it happen for you. Outdoor lighting schemes are typically designed to highlight certain parts of your landscaping as well as provide an outdoor living space that is safe to navigate. Guests who are visiting may not realize how many steps your deck has and could take a tumble in the dark. Protect your guests by having proper lighting installed by an electrician. Los Angeles homeowners literally have hundreds of options when it comes to choosing the perfect outdoor lights for their needs.

Once you have picked your lighting scheme, you will need to have it professionally installed to ensure it is done the right way. Depending on the number of lights you will be using, you will likely need an additional breaker installed to support the lights. Lights can be hard-wired into an outlet so you never have to worry about them getting unplugged. Your electrician can install a timer for you so the lights automatically turn off and on at designated times. There are override switches you can use for those special occasions that H Electric would be happy to show you how to use.