Safely Use a Space Heater this Winter Says Los Angeles Electrician

With temperatures dropping, you will likely find yourself wanting to add a little heat to an area to stay comfortable. After the warm summer months, a chilly day can be a little bit of a shock and you will be clamoring for the space heater to stay warm. Before you do, your Los Angeles electrician has a few words of advice for you. The team at H Electric wants you to know how to use your space heater safely without risk of starting a fire. Unfortunately, too many home fires are started by space heaters being used incorrectly.

Before you plug in the heater, do an inspection. Check to make sure the heater looks good and doesn’t have any holes in the screen or damaged parts on the actual body of the heater. The cord is the next point of inspection and deserves careful consideration. Follow the cord from end to end looking for any exposed wires or signs of damage like rodent chew marks. Look at the actual plug and make sure there are not wires exposed. If it is all good, you are ready to plug it in.

But, before you do that, consider where you will plug in your heater. You may be tempted to put it under your desk to keep your feet warm or right next to your favorite spot on the couch, but you need to choose wisely according to your electrician. Los Angeles residents need to realize that every electrical item needs room to breathe or vent. Putting a space heater too close to a wall, furniture or any other obstruction can cause it to overheat and in some situations, start a fire. The heat produced by the heater may also ignite furniture, drapes or any other flammable material. Always place your heater in an area that allows plenty of room around the device. If you have any more questions about space heater safety, give H Electric a call today.