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If you need an electrician in the Los Angeles area - whether it's for a small electrical service call or a complete house rewire, it's of utmost importance to seek out a highly qualified and experienced licensed electrician. H Electric fits the bill, and as an experienced Los Angeles electrical service provider, we can handle any type of home or business electrical service jobs that you have. H Electric has been in the electrical contracting business since 1991, providing prompt and reliable electrical services that you can count on. We're a top-rated electrician in Los Angeles CA, and we're fully licensed, bonded and insured.

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From my initial call to the end of the job, everyone was friendly, intelligent, & willing to explain stuff. Prices were the best from any electrician I've used in past. MY PRIOR ELECTRICIAN WAS GOING TO CHARGE ME MUCH MORE THAN THIS ONE. Robert & Julio were such fast and intelligent technicians that I ended up adding more work to the originally requested, minimal work! All done in one day! -- Stephanie Osbourne

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Checking Your Home’s Wiring with Los Angeles Electrician

By Candy |

Your home may be hiding a dangerous condition behind the walls. If your home is more than 60 years old, there is a good chance the wiring is outdated. Outdated wiring can be a fire hazard. Decades ago, we didn’t know any better and the wiring in new construction was insulated with cloth. Nowadays, we have coated wires that are much sturdier and pose less of a risk for fire. If you are not sure about the condition of your home’s wiring, give a Los Angeles electrician a call. The team at H Electric can schedule an electric inspection to investigate.

Cloth, as you probably know, can wear down and deteriorate over time. This leaves the wires bare. Rodents also like to munch on the cloth wiring. You will likely not even realize this is happening because it is happening behind the walls. Your first clue may be things like getting an electric shock when you plug something in or lights that flicker for no apparent reason. In some cases, you can see what kind of wiring you have by checking out the electric panel. You may be able to see the wires going to the breakers—if you have breakers. There is a possibility you still have fuses.

Don’t be surprised if you don’t know what you are looking for. This is why you want to hire an electrician. Los Angeles residents can count on an electrician to tell them what is needed to bring a home up to today’s standards. If the cloth-insulated wiring in your home is in excellent condition, you may not need to worry about an upgrade just yet. You can certainly discuss your options with an experienced electrician. Give the team at H Electric a call today and schedule your electric safety inspection to find out what you need to make your home safe.

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Pole Buildings More Effective with Electrician in Los Angeles

By Candy |

Having a new shop built or a new pole building is an excellent way to add value to your home. You can eliminate the need for a storage unit and keep all your things within a few feet of your home. It is convenient and a smart investment. Maybe you are a hobbyist who needs a little room to do what you love and have decided to have a building put up that will give you all the space you need. Whatever the case may be, your building is not complete without the help of an electrician in Los Angeles. You will find a team of professional and knowledgeable electricians at H Electric who are able to help you make your new building complete.

You will need electricity in your shop. No matter if your hobby requires you to use electric tools or it is all done by hand, you need electricity to be able to see. Depending on the size of your shop and your electrical needs, you may need an additional electric panel dedicated to your shop. This is something an electrician will evaluate during an initial consultation. A dedicated panel or a sub-panel gives you plenty of electricity in the building without worrying about overloading your existing panel and causing breakers to trip. It is dangerous to overload an existing breaker or panel and can result in serious problems.

Because there is a lot of intricate electric work involved, it is imperative you leave the wiring of you new shop to somebody who is familiar with Los Angeles electrical codes. This ensures your shop is wired safely and you will not have to worry about running extension cords to your equipment. In many cases, extension cords are not recommended for certain power tools. Do what is necessary to make your new pole building complete. Call H Electric and schedule your consultation today.

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Biggest Electricity Users in Your House says Los Angeles Electrician

By Candy |

You know your air conditioner costs a lot of money to run, but you have to use it in order to stay comfortable. In many cases, not using air conditioning is actually a bit of a health hazard. When you are looking at your electric bill and trying to figure out where you can start cutting corners to save on electric consumption, you need to know which things are costing you the most. A Los Angeles electrician is here to tell you the top 10 energy hogs in your house. If you would like more information about electricity usage and energy savings tips, give H Electric a call today.

Starting from the least amount of electricity used and working up to the most, the top 10 things in your home running up your electric bill are as follows.

• Microwave
• Oven
• Computer
• Clothes dryer
• Refrigerator
• Televisions—technically a single television would cost you less than an electricity, but most homes have several televisions which bumps it up on the list
• Lights
• Water heater
• Cooling system
• Heating system

As you can see, heating your home in the winter and cooling it in the summer are your biggest uses of electricity. While you can’t do much about using your heating and cooling, you can certainly reduce your use of the other 8 items on the list to save you money. You can also have a ceiling fan installed by an electrician. Los Angeles homeowners can save money on heating and cooling costs by using a fan to circulate the air and reduce the demand on the heater or air conditioner. If you want to learn more about energy savings or want to get a ceiling fan or two installed, give H Electric a call today.

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